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2 weeks after being struck by a train, little improvement

Getting off the train en route to his job in Roy, Utah, Alex Saurez was hit by a Frontrunner train travelling in the opposite direction.

For the past two weeks, Saurez has remained at Mckay Dee Hospital as doctors address his injuries. KSL’s Alex Cabrero reported earlier this week that “Doctors were able to repair most of the physical injuries, but they are still worried about brain damage that may have occurred.”

Saurez’s brother-in-law Sergio Pio, said “We’ve been on a roller coaster ride every single day, he has a broken leg, the knee, broken arm. They removed his spleen and eight ribs.” However, Saurez’s injuries don’t stop there. Pio continued, “After they went deeper, they found it was more injury than was supposed to be on the brain.” The circumstances leading to the incident are still under investigation. It is unknown if Saurez was distracted, in a rush to get to work, or otherwise unable to move out of the way of the oncoming train.

The extent of  the brain damage that Suarez has sustained is unknown, likewise it is uncertain when he will regain consciousness. Sergio Pio, who has checked in with him nearly every day for the two weeks he has been in the hospital, told KSL that it may take anywhere from a couple of days to a year for Suarez to wake up.  Unfortunately his health insurance ran out two days before  the incident; as Suarez’s wife and four children wait for him to recover, the “Alex and Gabriela Suarez Family Fund” has been established through Wells Fargo (see KSL for more information) to help cover the costs of treatment.

Christensen and Hymas is a compassionate law firm that specializes in helping accident victims. We offer our sympathies to the Saurez family, and hope for a speedy recovery.

Original Article by Alex Cabrero of KSL News.

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