A Personal Injury Attorney Talks About Sarah Burke’s Fatal Injury and $200,000 In Medical DebtThe Salt Lake Tribune reported that famous skier Sarah Burke, while preparing for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Park City, tore a vertebral artery causing her brain to bleed.  She was held at the University of Utah Neuro-critical care unit for nine days until she passed away on January 10th.  Because Sarah is a Canadian citizen she was not covered under any healthcare plan while in the United States, thus her family inherited an estimated $550,000 in medical expenses, of which $200,000 will be charged to them.  At this time, the University of Utah is working with Health Canada to determine what kind of coverage plans are available to pay for the expenses. Currently there is a website set up in the honor of Sarah Burke to raise funds to help her family pay for any medical expenses for which they will be held responsible.  This family not only had to bury their beloved daughter and wife, they have to worry about incurred debt resulting from her fatal injury.  Sarah’s family makes great examples of why appointing a personal injury attorney can be beneficial in such a traumatic time.  We express our sincere condolences to Sarah Burke’s family at this time.

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In truth, such an event could happen to anyone. Although there is perhaps a greater inherent risk in a career such as professional skiing, we are never fully in control of our environments and accidents like these can occur. Even in accidents such as this one, some compensation can be sought in certain legal conditions. We had such a client not too long ago, injured in a snowboarding accident, for whom compensation was achieved and which allowed him to pay those sometimes stifling medical bills.