82 Year-Old Man’s Wrongful Death Accident Inspires Crosswalk Safety InitiativesAccording to KSL, after last month’s wrongful death accident involving an 82 year-old pedestrian, police officials have began enhancing crosswalk safety measures.  The victim was hit by a bus while walking across a downtown Salt Lake City crosswalk.  He was deeply involved in the Salt Lake community and had spent years walking the city.  This tragic incident has inspired the city to educate the community on the safety precautions of using a crosswalk.  In the case you experience the fatal accident of a loved one, communicating with a Utah wrongful death lawyer is the best source of information you can receive.

Crosswalk Safety Tips

When walking downtown, crosswalks are abundant and difficult to miss.  Due to the availability of parking spaces, some people have to walk a few blocks to get to their destination.  Detective Josh Ashdown from the Salt Lake City Police Department has reported to KSL several tips on how to avoid danger while using a crosswalk; the modified list includes:

1.  Avoid any distraction – keep your iPod and cell phone in your pocket or purse.

2.  Don’t race the crosswalk clock – always remain slow and calm so you can pay attention to your surroundings.

3.  Don’t blindly trust white lines – they don’t exactly prevent a car from hitting you.  Their purpose is show the driver what space is designated for pedestrians.

4.  Be especially careful at night – make yourself visible to all drivers and bring a flashlight.

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