Red Traffic LightFox 13 News reported that an SUV was struck by another vehicle as it went through a red light causing it to roll over. 8 children and two adults were inside the SUV. Fortunately, they were wearing their seat belts and suffered only minor injuries.

The victims were taken to a nearby hospital to be examined by doctors as a precautionary measure. The accident took place at 900 West and 600 North in Salt Lake City.

The news report did not disclose the identity of the victims. There was no mention if a traffic citation was given to any of the drivers involved in the accident.

The wearing of a seat belt has been known to save lives in an event of a car accident. It is considered illegal for adults to not buckle up their children ages 12 and below in the backseat of the car or using to inappropriately use booster seats for younger children. Even if you car pool or do not drive your own car, the driver will be held liable under the  law if he/she does not make sure everyone–especially children–are not restrained safely. Parents are required to use booster seats if they choose to car pool. Moreover, booster seats should be appropriate for the child’s weight and height. Use only booster seats recommended by authorities and those that are especially designed for use in your particular vehicle.

We urge everyone to drive safety on the road. Basically, safety means wearing seat belts, using the proper child safety restraints, and obeying traffic rules. Share the road and do not speed in order to reach your destination; it’s simply not worth the possible damage that could occur if an accident did happen; it may very well be the difference between life and death.

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Original article by Jon C