Slips and fallsSlips and falls make up a large portion of personal injuries suffered in Utah. There are many causes for slips and falls.  Listed below are a selected few among many.

Watch for Slippery Surfaces

Oil, water, and/ or other liquids are leading causes of slips and falls.  Keep your eyes open and looking for liquids that may cause the pathway to be slippery.

Lack of Training and/or Education

One wouldn’t think education would help people prevent slips and falls, but it’s true. Knowing which substances are slippery, when and where ice forms, etc., may be the difference between an accident and a safe stroll.

Loose Mats and Rugs

While walking, it is easy to get the toe of a shoe under a rug and stumble.  Watch out for rugs, mats, carpets, etc., that are loose and easily moved.  The rug itself may slide due to hard, slick surfaces on which it lies.

Weather Conditions: Rain, Snow, Ice

Never underestimate nature’s ability cause dangerous conditions.  It is often in the early morning hours when the water has turned to ice that accidents happen.  People are often tired or otherwise not paying attention and slip and fall.  Take your time in wet conditions.

Use Appropriate Footwear

Footwear can be the difference between stable foot-work and an accident.  Make sure proper footwear is used when attempting to travel through slick terrain.

Avoid Smooth Surfaces with High Sheen

Often times the pathway surface does not have to be wet for it to be slippery. Always take into account the smoothness of the surface of walkways when traveling.


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