Bus Accident LawyerAccording to KSL5, Utah school zones are becoming more dangerous. The increasing number of parents who wish to drive their kids to school has increased traffic around school zones. I find this information troubling and wish to raise awareness of the issue, thus helping parents get the information they need in order to ensure their kids’ safety.

The KSL5 news story reported that 46% of kids arrive at school via the family car. With the sheer amount of cars, buses, parents, and children at the school, it is important to know the layout of the school. Many schools have designated pick-up and drop-off zones, aside from bus zones. The parents dropping off and picking up their kids should be aware of these zones and comply with the school regulations.

School parking lots have been found to be the most common areas for injuries to pedestrians under the age of 12. Children are shorter than adults, which fact makes them inherently more difficult to see.

5 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe at School

1. Know the parking lot, drop-off, and pick-up zone procedures at your school;
2. Plan and expect your children’s pick-up and drop-off to take more time;
3. Never allow your children to roam the parking lot alone;
4. Educate your children about safe parking lot habits; and
5. Slow down, breath, and be polite.

It does not take an accident attorney to know that accidents happen all too frequently, and they surely should not happen at our children’s schools. In order to prevent accidents, this information has been shared; in order to aid those who have already suffered an accident, other information needs to be shared. The Christensen Law Firm, PLLC, has published a series of Utah accident books that they give out for free to anyone who requests one.

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