6739419153_294f1507f6Deseret News reported an accident involving four teenagers in Alpine neighborhood at 4 p.m. Saturday. According to the report, police authorities noticed a car that was being driven recklessly. Police attempted to pull the car over but the driver tried to flee from the Lone Peak police. A police chase ensued and in the process, the speeding car hit a deer. The car did not stop after the collision; it left the road and crashed into a pine tree after failing to execute a sharp turn on a dead-end street.

Police authorities aided the injured teenagers until medical responders arrived and then they were all taken to the hospital. Two teenagers had minor injuries and the other two had more significant serious injuries.

Police discovered that the car was stolen and allegedly contained stolen electronics from various cities. The police report also indicated that drug paraphernalia and controlled substances were recovered from the car.

After being treated, the teen driver was booked into the Slate Canyon Detention Center for investigation of several felonies. Police said all four will likely face criminal charges in juvenile court.

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Original article by Whitney Evans.

Photo courtesy of thienzieyung.