Traffic backed up on I-15In a story from KUTV, there was an impactful accident on the highway monday morning. A four-car crash caused delays on I-15 during the commuters’ rush hour.

Early in the mooring, a Honda Accord stalled in the second-to-right most lane on I-15 near the exit 2900 South. A Chevy Avail traveling closely behind the Accord attempted to swerve to avoid a crash. Another vehicle, a Ford Ranger pick-up truck rear-ended the first car. Then the Avail lost control, and hit a wall. A fourth car, a Blazer, hit the Ranger as he swerved across traffic lanes, ending in up in the HOV lane.

For a stretch of 3 exits on the highway, only two lanes were open for traffic to continue by. Utah Highway Patrol worked hard to clear the accident so traffic could start moving again.

Some of the people in the accident had minor injuries, but they all declined medical assistance or even attention.

These four drivers are very lucky to have sustained only minor injuries. Accidents involving multiple cars can be particularly dangerous. Multiple-car accidents usually occur in high traffic volumes, and high traffic speeds, because in these situations, if one car develops a problem, or suddenly stops/slows, the cars traveling behind may not have enough space or time to react and avoid hitting the car in front. This can cause an obviously dangerous chain reaction.

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Image courtesy of KUTV News