According to KSL, the parents of a Utah State University college student, who had passed away as a result of texting while driving, appeared on the Today show in support of changing Idaho’s stance on texting while driving.  Currently there are only 35 states nation-wide that have completely banned texting while driving and Idaho is clearly not one of them.  Although Idaho does ban texting while driving to an extent; you cannot be sited for the act unless you are pulled over for violating another law.  Hands-down, completely banning texting while driving altogether is the best proactive approach to eliminating this irresponsible act on our roads; thus leading to preventing many fatalities and injuries from texting and driving accidents.

The Push For Harsher Texting While Driving Laws In Idaho

These parents have a passionate right in fighting against their states current laws banning texting while driving.  This courageous couple has experienced a tragedy that plagues our nation’s youth.  Coupled with immediate gratification and the ability to have instant technology at our finger tips, texting and driving only tempts us from becoming distracted while driving. More than likely distracted driving will harm themselves and/or the others on the road surrounding.  Hopefully the appearance of the victim’s parents on national television inspires Idaho lawmakers to strongly consider harsher laws against texting while driving.

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