State Route 40 near mile marker 126 was the scene of an accident involving three vehicles last Saturday night.

According to Sgt. Mary Kaye Lucas of the Utah Department of Public Safety, a semi-trailer traveling west, veered across the center line and struck a Dodge Durango at about 8 p.m. As a result, the Durango then hit a pickup truck that was traveling west. It was also reported that the pickup truck rolled on its side. The semi-trailer also rolled on its side, and it destroyed a guard rail in the area.

The driver of the semi-trailer had to be extracted from his vehicle by emergency responders.  It was reported that he suffered only minor injuries. The occupants of the Durango accounted for six people who sustained minor injuries from the accident.  The two occupants of the pick-up were treated at the scene and released.

The accident is still under investigation. Sgt. Lucas disclosed that the driver of the semi-trailer could not remember the reason why he veered.

Christensen & Hymas is thankful that the accident did not have any fatalities. Knowing how the weather conditions impact road hazards, we remind all motorists to avoid all forms of distraction while driving. Please do not drive impaired (e.g. driving with a frosted windshield), because the likelihood of accidents occurring increase dramatically. Pay attention to the road and obey all traffic rules. Check your vehicle for any mechanical defects before attempting to travel.

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Original article by Mark Green of Fox13