CraneA crane was thrown off balance causing it to tip into not one, but two buildings forcing both of the building to be evacuated. The tipped crane also spilled fuel, forcing the occupants of the building and nearby apartment complex to be evacuated for safety reasons.

Jasey Asay of the Salt Lake City Fire Department explained in the report, the crane was used to install air conditioning units on the roof when gravity took its toll, tipping the crane into the apartment complex.

Asay also disclosed the crane was working near 120 South and 300 East just after 1 p.m. when it tipped over, forcing the Global Consulting International business to be evacuated.

Hazmat crews arrived at the scene and were able to clean up 20 gallons of fuel that spilled out of the crane.

A second crane was requested to pull the off-balance crane upright again.

The building was initially inspected for structural damage.  Minimal was found and crews remarked the buildings were still structurally sound.

Christensen & Hymas is thankful the accident did not result in anyone being seriously injured. However, this incident illustrates that accidents are just lurking around the corner. We encourage everyone to observe safety precautions always.

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