Drunk Driving Accident in UtahDrunk driving accidents occur all too often.  One only has to turn on the news to hear about an accident involving alcohol.  The fact is that alcohol-induced accidents are sweeping the country.  Utah drunk driving accidents are not unique, either.  Though the following two examples are from other states, the trend is clear: drunk driving accidents are common.

1. Drunk Driving In California Kills A 19 Year Old Anti-Drinking-and Driving

One young girl was 19 when she was killed by a drunk driver.  She lived in Southern California while attending college.  Ironically, she was part of an anti-drinking-and-driving organization.  Her interest in the organization was due to the fact that her own mother was hit by a drunk driver; although the mother lived, her two best friends died in her arms.  These stories are touching and poignant.

2. Drunk Driving in Colorado Leaves An 8 Year Old Without Mother

An 8 year old boy, was awarded $370,000 in a case against a drunk driver.  The driver and owner of the vehicle were sued by the young boy who lost his mother in the crash.  The money is a poor replacement for his mother, but it will help him in the difficult years ahead.

 Utah Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk driving occurs too often.  It is important to know more about drinking and driving and what your rights are when involved in Utah drunk driving accidents.

The Christensen Law Firm published a series of Utah accident books that may be utilized to gain more information about your rights concerning compensation due to you because of the wrongful actions of others.

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