16 Year-Old Recovers Miraculously After Traumatic Brain InjuryLast April, 16 year-old Hank Shipman survived a horrible accident when a distracted driver collided with his high school’s van.  The van was carrying his classmates and fellow athletes from a ski race in Oregon.  Hank sustained multiple serious injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, while the other students survived practically unscathed.  The injury consisted of four broken vertebrae, leaving Hank essentially paralyzed.  After two months in the hospital and months more of physical therapy, Hank continued to refuse to give up.  Miraculously, today he is again out on the field playing for his school’s baseball team, a feat that no one ever expected.  This young adult’s attitude and demeanor can teach us that through dedication and positive thinking, we can ultimately accomplish anything.

Managing Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms

Fortunately, Hank has recovered quite well, despite all that he has endured.  Not everyone is as lucky.  If you have had to endure long-term symptoms due to a traumatic brain injury, the following is a modified list of how to manage your injury provided by maketheconnection.net:

  1. Make sure you get an adequate amount of sleep each night;
  2. Write things down;
  3. Make a daily plan and live that plan;
  4. Avoid alcohol-it can hinder the healing process;
  5. Avoid caffeine,  cold medications that treat nasal congestion, or other products that contain pseudoephedrine—they may increase the symptoms;
  6. Find a hobby;
  7. Open up to others—to keep you from feeling isolated and to give friends and loved ones a chance to help you; and
  8. Don’t forget that symptoms are a normal part of the recovery, and they will eventually become better.

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