Speed is usually used to get something done fast or to go some place quickly or in less time. The use of excessive speed in the roads is discouraged for the reason that it is a major contributing factor for road acciRest areadent.  When a driver is going over the speed limit, there would be less time to react to other road users’ action like a driver stopping for a red light, a crossing pedestrian, a biker making a turn or to yield to a vehicle making a u-turn.

A man identified as thirty-nine year old Jeffrey Laub allegedly led a Utah Highway Patrol trooper on a high speed chase reaching up to 111 miles per hour. The news article stated that Jeffrey Laub was sentenced to 7 days in jail.  The reason he gave the court was quite surprising. Laub claimed that his high speed was due to something he ate something that upset his stomach. He then raced to get to a rest area in Logan Canyon.

The article quoted the Herald Journal statement that 1st District Judge Thomas Willmore called the explanation “one of the worst stories” he ever heard.

The article added that Judge Willmore pointed out to Laub that he had passed several outhouses while he led the trooper to a high speed chase last spring.

Jeffrey Laub plead guilty in August to failure to stop and impaired driving.

This story may seem amusing but it could have been tragic if somebody else was hurt by the excessive speed. Speed limits are posted to help all motorists travel safely. A vehicle traveling at high speed can hurt the driver and other motorists when collision or roll over happens.

Christensen & Hymas encourages everyone to obey all traffic rules strictly. Traffic rules are designed to help keep everyone on the road safe. Motorist who failed to obey state mandated laws will face the legal consequences.

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Original article by ksl. com and Associated Press.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.