Semi trucks on side of the roadWednesday, a 10-year-old boy was hit by a semitrailer in Duchesne.

One semitrailer was following another on Route 87, going southbound. Around 7:30 am the truck in front passed the boy riding a bicycle. He was riding along close to the highway. According to Utah Highway Patrol, after the first truck went by, the boy crossed back over into the travel lane, and into the path of the next semitrailer.

The second semitrailer unfortunately could not avoid hitting him. Utah Highway Patrol Cpl. Todd Johnson reported the young boy did not have a helmet, and he was riding alone. They do not know if it was a regular route for the boy, or where he was trying to get to. Investigators speculate that he probably saw the first semitrailer, but did not notice the one behind it. Cpl. Johnson said, “After the first one passed, he just moved back out into the travel lane.”

Rescue teams and police attempted to resuscitate the boy at the scene of the accident, but he was pronounced dead once he was taken to the local hospital. 46-year-old driver of the semitrailer was not injured or cited. The weather did not seem to be a factor in this crash, because the road conditions were reportedly “clear and dry.”

The boy’s name has not yet been released.

Our most sincere condolences go out to the friends and family of this young boy. If you or a loved one has experienced an accident akin to this one, please call Christensen & Hymas for a free consolation on how to proceed: 801-506-0800.

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