1 Year After Near-Fatal Car Accident Family Celebrates Miraculous SurvivalAccording to Deseret News, one year ago  on March 24th, Andrew Roush miraculously survived a head-on car accident when a woman who was driving recklessly struck him.  As Andrew was dropping his children off at school, his daughter reminded him to wear his seatbelt. He went to drive away and the next thing he knew he was feeling a severe pain in his chest. Though he thought he was having a heart attack, he was in fact pinched behind his steering wheel. EMT worked to quickly remove him from his vehicle.  While suffering a crushed pelvis, shattered femur, broken foot, and toes, he had to endure six operations, one of which screwed in a plate holding his femur together.  One of those surgeries eventually replaced the plate with a rod.  After nine days in the hospital and over a month in rehabilitation, Andrew has much to be thankful for since last March.  His story is one that proves how generous our communities are in America.  Family, friends, neighbors, and citizens across the country and world have donated time, money, and inspiring notes to encourage Andrew to keep going.  One family even dropped off keys for a new car for the family while neighbors helped to build a ramp into the house for Andrew’s wheelchair.  This week was indeed a time of celebration and gratitude.

Human Generosity

Science Daily has reported certain research that proves that humans have always been generous.  Regardless of social pressures, humans have shown the act of being generous, no matter the circumstances.  Hearing Andrew’s story and how grateful he is will tug at anyone’s heart, as the research is proven by the response from his community, as well as all those across the world who heard his story and chose to help.  If you feel like there is something more you want to do for those around you, the following is a list of examples of how you can brighten someone else’s day:

  1. Leave a very good tip for your server at a restaurant, especially if they are in a horrible mood;
  2. Make a card for a sick neighbor or friend;
  3. Buy someone flowers;
  4. Help a neighbor unload their groceries;
  5. Compliment everyone who you come in contact with today.

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