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Michigan Boat Accident Lawyers Offer Tips on What to Do in a Boating Accident

Friday, July 20th, 2012

Statistics show that in 2010, there were a total of 4,604 boating accidents resulting in 672 fatalities and another 3,153 injuries. Our boat accident lawyers in Michigan represent victims in these types of accidents, and are ready, willing and able to help you. Boating accidents resulted in $35.5 million dollars of property damage. Michigan made up 132 of the boat accidents, 27 deaths, 90 injuries, and over $457,000 of property damage.

Since the main cause for death in a boat accident is drowning, this could substantially be reduced by wearing a life preserver. According to the Department of Natural Resources, 90 percent of the people who drown in boating accidents could have been saved if they had worn a life preserver.

What to Do When a Boating Accident Happens

As the boating season starts up for the summer, take some extra time to consider the following tips on what to when a boating accident happens.

  • Determine if anyone has been thrown overboard. Throw them a life preserver, life jacket, or other personal flotation device. Most people are not strong enough swimmers to save a drowning person by jumping in the water to get them. Even throwing a rope or anything else the person can grab onto is better.
  • Determine if anyone needs first aid or medical attention.
  • Render any aid to any other vessel involved if you are able.
  • Call the Coast Guard or other law enforcement agency to report the accident.
  • Once everyone is safely onboard and any medical attention has been provided, exchange information with the other vessel. Ask for and provide name, address, and telephone number of each person on board and any other witnesses; name and registration number of the boat; insurance company; and the insurance policy number.
  • Take photographs of any damage to the boat and any visible injuries to a person.
  • File a boating accident report with the Coast Guard and any appropriate state or local agency.
  • Contact an experienced Michigan boating accident lawyer for help in filing insurance claims and to determine if you have a legal claim against the other boater.

Contact A Boat Accident Lawyer

The Michigan boat accident injury lawyer you hire for your case must have complete and full understanding of the boating safety rules and safety practices to achieve the best results for the injured client. Our attorneys at Buckfire & Buckfire P.C. have this knowledge and achieve extraordinary results for our clients who suffer serious injuries in boat accident. Call our office now at (800) 606-1717 to discuss your case and speak with an attorney. We will start working on your case immediately gathering all the evidence and witness statements to win and settle your case.

Safety Tips for Daily Drivers

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Driving safely on our crowded highways, but with these safety tips for daily drivers, you will make strides toward creating a safer highway environment for everyone.

Be sure to check your vehicle’s components and systems regularly to be sure that your car operates at peak condition.
At all times, maintain a two-second gap between you and the vehicle ahead of you. This allows you to stop in time to avoid a rear-end collision, the most common type of automobile accident. The two-second rule can be used easily; just count “one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand” in your head while watching a stationary object on the side of the road. If you pass the object less than two seconds after the car ahead of you, you are following too closely and should reduce your speed.
When you stop behind another vehicle, you should be able to see the rear tires of the car ahead of you. If you cannot, there is not enough space between the two vehicles for you to control your car if you were rear-ended.
Keep right except to pass. Drivers who hover in the left or passing lane at low speeds often cause accidents as other cars try to maneuver around them.
Use your turn signals, even if you do not see another car ahead of or behind you.
Anticipate driver reactions. Be prepared to stop if another driver turns in front of you or cuts you off.
Show road courtesy. If a driver needs to merge into traffic, allow him or her to do so.
Use more caution during bad weather or at night. You will need more stopping and reaction time when you cannot see as well. Be sure to keep more distance between you and other cars than during the day time and be alert for erratic driving on the part of other motorists; most drunk driving accidents happen at night.
Do not drive if you have been drinking or taking any type of medication, even if you are prescribed medication by a doctor. You can become impaired quickly and not even realize it until you are involved in an accident.
Car accident attorneys represent the victims of car accidents and help them to recover damages for their injuries. If, despite all your precautions, you are the victim of a car accident, contact a professional personal injury attorney immediately to discuss your case and determine the best course of action.

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