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Virginia Dog Bites By The Numbers

Friday, June 29th, 2012

A dog bite or dog attack can often cause both personal and financial suffering, and the chances of you or a family member experiencing a dog attack is often higher than you may think. The Virginia dog bite lawyers work with those who have suffered as a result of a dog attack and fight for their rightful compensation.

Dog Bite Statistics

The National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), based in Atlanta, Georgia estimates that instances of dog bites or attacks affect about 2% of the U.S. population, equaling approximately 4.7 million citizens yearly. This means that you or a member of your family has about a one in 50 chance of being bitten or attacked by a dog each year.

Around 800,000 people seek medical care every year as a result of a dog bite or attack, according to the CDC. Children are especially at risk and make up half of that statistic, with dog bites being among the top five reasons why children make emergency room visits. Children at the highest risk of experiencing a dog attack are between the ages of five and nine.

Dog bites kill around 16 people in the U.S. every year.

Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

According to a study conducted by Merritt Clifton, editor of Animal People, Presa Canarios, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers and their mixes make up 74% of the attacks on the U.S. population in general, and 68% of the attacks on children.

Mr. Clifton states, “Pit Bulls and Rottweilers are dogs who not only must be handled with special precautions, but also must be regulated with special requirements appropriate to

the risk they may pose to the public and other animals, if they are to be kept at all.”

In almost 70% of the cases included in the study, the dog attack was the first known “dangerous” or aggressive behavior by the dog.

How To Protect Yourself And Your Children

Courtesy of  the CDC, the following tips should help to keep you and your children safe around any dog you may encounter.

  • Never approach an unknown or unfamiliar dog
  • Don’t run away from a dog and scream
  • If approached by an unknown dog, do not move
  • If knocked down by a dog, roll into ball and do not move
  • Never allow children to play with a dog unsupervised
  • Don’t stare into a dog’s eyes
  • If a dog is caring for puppies, eating, or sleeping, do not disturb it.
  • Let the dog see you and smell you before petting it

The Virginia dog attack personal injury lawyers are prepared to take on dog bite cases and fight for the fair compensation that you deserve. Download our free book, An Insider’s Guide To Dog Bite Claims In Virginia today. You can reach us at 703-906-4229, or email us for a free case consultation.

The above article is a guest blog post by the personal injury attorneys at The Parrish Law Firm.

Injured by a Drunk Driver in Massachusetts?

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Getting hit by a drunk driver can leave you with physical and emotional trauma, not to mention financially crippling medical bills. Those whose loved one was killed by a drunk driver also experience an undue amount of emotional hardship. There are tens of thousands of drunk driving victims in the United States every year who succumb to their injuries, leaving grief-stricken families behind.

MADD Statistics

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, MADD, around 13,000 people were killed in DUI accidents in 2007. People that do escape with their lives, often find them forever altered by their injury. Some of the worst injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and spinal cord injuries are most often caused by car accidents. Whenever alcohol is involved, the chances of a serious car crash and resulting injuries are exponentially worse.

MA Drunk Driving Laws

In Massachusetts, the legal limit for Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is 0.08, and for underage drivers, the BAC is 0.02. If you have suffered injuries in an accident caused by a person who was driving while intoxicated, you may be entitled to compensation for the injuries and pain you have suffered.

Holding Drunk Drivers Responsible

Remember, to obtain compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, damages to your vehicle and other accident-related expenses, you will need to file a Massachusetts personal injury claim against the intoxicated driver who caused your accident.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a drunk driver, an experienced MA drunk driving accident attorney with the Kiley Law Group can help you understand your rights and file an injury claim. We will go over every aspect of your accident and determine the full extent of the money damages you are entitled to.

The car accident lawyers at Kiley Law Group specialize in drunk-driving accidents and have s 30 years of expertise and a deeper understanding of the intricacies of Massachusetts OUI laws.

For a FREE Consultation, call us toll-free at (888) 208-1695.

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Head-on Collision in Provo Canyon Proves Fatal

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Provo Canyon CrashA head-on collision in Provo Canyon this past weekend has left one woman dead and another critically injured. FOX 13 reports that a 22-year-old  was killed after a Dodge Durango crossed the center line and crashed into her vehicle. The driver of the Durango, Nancy Pectol, was critically injured in the accident. Speed is suspected as a potential factor in the accident.

We express our condolences to the family of the victim for her passing. We think of them especially at this time of harsh reality, a stinging blow to a life cut short. We also hope for a quick recovery for Ms. Pectol. Regardless of what may have caused this accident, many lives have been changed as a result of this, and all parties involved are in need of healing, both physical and emotional.


The Christensen Law Firm, a Utah personal injury law firm, is not representing any of the persons mentioned in this incident at the time of writing/posting. The information reported in this article is taken directly from media sources, and any perceived inaccuracies should be attributed to those sources. If you believe that the information is inaccurate and you would like it changed, or if you or a loved one was mentioned in this article and you would like it removed entirely, please contact us and we will accommodate your request.

Statistics Reveal that Older Teens are Texting and Driving

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Statistics from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveal that a majority of high school seniors are texting and driving. The report claims that in a national survey administered last year, 58% of high school seniors admitted to texting or e-mailing while driving, otherwise known as ‘distracted driving’ or ‘careless driving’. In the same study, 43% of high school juniors admitted to the same. The study is significant for there has been little actual evidence of teen texting and driving beyond general speculation.

Mentioned in KSL’s report of the study is a teen from New Jersey who caused a fender bender last year due to texting while driving. Said the young man of the event, “I felt like an idiot,” and, “It caused me to be a lot more cautious.” What is most frightening, though, is the young man continued by saying that he still texts and drives.

It is now considered a primary offense in the state of Utah to text and drive. Sadly though, there are probably fewer adults out there that can claim to be texting and driving any less than the teens involved in this study. Our age of constant communication, consumption and commercialism causes us to disregard safety, paying about as much attention to it as we do a back seat driver.


Common Forms of Medical Malpractice

Friday, June 1st, 2012

The negligence of others causes hundreds of thousands of injury accidents across the nation every year. One of the most inexcusable forms of such negligence is medical malpractice. Patients place their lives in the hands of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals every day, and they do so with complete confidence and trust. The last thing a patient expects is that their trust will be betrayed.

One Mistake is All it Takes

A healthcare professional’s job is not easy and there are a great many dedicated, skilled, and reliable physicians, but there are also others who perform procedures without the proper training, who fail to perform screenings thoroughly or up to standards, and who make errors due to inattention or other forms of negligence. There are even cases where a physician leaves surgical instruments in a patient’s body after surgery. When a physician does not perform his or her duties to the accepted standard of care, they risk the health and the lives of their patients. Some of the most common forms of medical malpractice include:

  • Failure to diagnose cancer, or other serious diseases;
  • Incorrect diagnosis;
  • Delayed diagnosis;
  • Surgical errors;
  • Lack of informed consent;
  • Errors in prenatal screening;
  • Improper reading of x-rays; and
  • Medication and anesthesia errors.

Medical negligence or malpractice such as those mentioned above can cause serious injury, illness, or even death. Healthcare professionals who place their patients at risk of such consequences must be held accountable for their actions.

What You Can Do

Medical professionals who endanger the health and safety of their patients as the result of malpractice, negligence, or oversight may be held liable for the harm they cause. If you or a loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice in Massachusetts, the dedicated Boston medical malpractice attorneys at the Kiley Law Group can help you obtain compensation for your losses. Call us today to find out more about your legal rights and options at (888) 208-1695.

This guest blog post is brought to you by the Massachusetts personal injury law firm, the Kiley Law Group.